Customizing Mailman HTML pages

ONE) I’ve searched for a couple hours on how to add images to a mailman html page (one of the ones that is cusomizable), as I wanted to add a header image to match customer’s existing web pages, etc.,

I cannot find anything. I’ve put the image files under /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-mailman/images// for example, and then changed the html to images//banner.jpg but nothing shows up when displaying the page, except for the alt text.

TWO) I also have not yet found any list of substitution variables for mailman. The wiki doesn’t seem to have anything.

THREE) The page says mailman is currently “2.1.12, released on 23-Feb-2009.” also, which doesn’t match the installed modules page in Webmin section


No one have any suggestions to either point?

I’ve found that even if I put in the correct path to the image, Mailman prepends it’s image directory to the path. However, if I don’t put anything (to let it prepend), then it doesn’t prepend – argh.

what worked for me is uploading a logo to /usr/libexec/webmin/virtualmin-mailman/unauthenticated/logo.jpg

but a client cant do this, so I think mailman has to be set up differently for a client.

Instead of trying to insert an image from a mailman directory, just insert the image using a FQDN from your website: e.g., img src=“” .


Pointing to files within one’s own website seems like a good idea. I did try this just now, and while it doesn’t change the src file to something else, it still didn’t work.

Looking with firebug, it showed the correct source, and the alt text was also correct as just updated, but the image didn’t come.

So, I typed JUST the url for the image, and found that my subfolder of “docs2/mailman/” was being intercepted and changed to the generic virtualmin url for mailman. Argh!

So, I changed my subfolder name to “docs/mm/” and that fixed it.

have you had any luck in changing the URL from httpS to http and to remove the :10000 port?

i’d like to use something like rather than the long

What worked is just putting the full URL to images, etc. within my own server pubic_html folder structure, and, as mentioned, removing “mailman” from any part of that path.

I’ve observed that 99% of subscribers to my lists (all webmasters and newsletter editors) either cannot or do not ever access the page. They all find it too confusing / difficult. To be fair, many of them do not have English as their native language. I’d certainly like to see some examples of radically customized pages for mailman!