Customizing disabled server page

Hi there!

I’ve not manage to figure out how to change the page that appears on disabled virtual servers.
Right now I get a plain text like this:

The domain foodomain.tld has been disabled.
If you feel this is an error, please contact technical support at fooProvider
Thank you.

However I would like to customize this outpit, just like /etc/skel for new sites or apache2-default for non-hosted domains.

Is this possible, and if yes how? :slight_smile:



that can be done in the server template under Apache website, scroll to the bottom. You can change the text there.

You can also have it redirected to a page of your choice, if you want that. Like a custom page on your main domain for instance.

I don’t know where to edit it directly though.

oh! chances are i even set that myself and forgot about it :stuck_out_tongue: