Customization with NodeJs Installation

Operating system:
Ubuntu 20.04.01

So I purchased the VirtualMin Pro which has Installs Scripts and when you install NodeJS it adds a reverse proxy in Apache and I would like to do some customization on it.

By default when I use the install script, the script downloads NodeJS with all its dependencies in the folder specified.

That’s nice and all but I would like to customize the script, I want for example to use nodemon instead of node or use pm2 or gatsby or whatever JavaScript offers

I also checked that Apache Reverse proxies balancer://mongrel3000

How can I change it’s port?
Is there any possibility of changing the NodeJS Scipt Source code to add the customization options. I’m willing to do it myself I already now php, html, css, javascript and mysql, I wouldn’t mind helping with the Script

Any help on this?

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