Custom variables or edit?


I’m an all standards type of guy, so I need to change the way Virtualmin adds DNS records. I have two options. Browsing to System Settings > Server Templates > Default Settings, checking the option “Use only the records above” in BIND DNS domain section, and trying to figure out what I can use to represent date + serial number. Another option is to try hard (since I don’t know Perl at all) and edit the file

create the SOA and NS records

local $serial;
if ($config{‘soa_style’} == 1) {
$serial = &date_serial().sprintf("%2.2d", $config{‘soa_start’});
else {
# Use Unix time for date and running number serials
$serial = time();
local $vals = “$master $email (\n”.
“\t\t\t$min )”;

The latter seems an easier way. Am I in the right path?