Custom PHP5.2.x debian etc repo available

I have created a debian etch repo for those users that want the newest php5 version. You can access it by following the directions at

What is in the this repo ?
* Only PHP 5.2.x
      - It is a rebuild of the dotdeb php5 packages without the Suhosin-Patch which causes a lot of problems for people but they still want the newest version of php5.
* GD Version bundled (2.0.34 compatible)
* Suhosin Extension 

For example Magento at least needs PHP 5.2.x, and Etch doesn’t have it by default.

You can see the phpinfo at

Enjoy ! And let me know if you are using it in this thread.<br><br>Post edited by: sgrayban, at: 2008/09/07 08:53