"Custom Page" module for Webmin


I have an idea of module for Webmin, that I think will be very useful for users. It’s Custom Page - i.e. page in Webmin where user can put any html text. For instance I want to save html links to mostly used Webmin/Virtualmin pages, write for memory important linux shell commands, do “changelog” of my server (what and when I changed in configs) and all other like that. This script is trivial, I can make it in PHP, but I have no idea how to do it in Perl. Can Webmin authors or somebody else help? I believe It will take 15 minutes. I checked all third-party modules for Webmin and found nothing similar. Maybe only “Custom Link 1.5”, if change it’s logic from save-link/print-link to save-html-text/print-html-text.

What do you think about it?

Nobody can help? Maybe at least somebody can tell how to create custom static page in Webmin? Ie Perl analog of ‘<?php echo file_get_contents("/some/file.txt");?>’ or ‘<?php echo "some text"; ?>’.