Custom FTP user problem - no FTP client access

I’m trying to set up a new regular FTP user on a single domain server using proFTPd. To date I only have an sFTP user that my hosting company setup for me when the server was set up. I use port 22 for access and that works fine.

I’ve followed the Virtualmin instructions:
Virtualmin->Edit Users ->Add a website FTP access user.

The user appears to be set up successfully but I cannot use an FTP client to successfully login to the server. I’ve tried every combination of host/username/password/port.

Should I be using sFTP (port 22) or regular FTP (port 21)?
Should the FTP username be “” or just “new_user”?

It’s such a simple thing that I’ve set up on other servers so many times before this is proving extremely difficult.

Suggestions gratefully received. My hosting company have said they don’t provide support for this.


A website FTP access user is an FTP user that you can access on port 21.

You can see the actual username by going into Edit Users, and looking in the “FTP Login” column.


Cheers. I eventually got it going but not sure what changed.

I wonder was it that the FTP server needs to be restarted?

Although it shouldn’t be necessary to restart ProFTPd, I’m not sure what else may have caused it to work… whatever it was, I’m glad it’s working now!