curious: domains of different type (i.e.

As you might see in another message here, I just got my nginx / virtualmin server working thanks to help on here (thanks again Eric!).

I’ve got a domain of other… er… ‘types’(?) i.e. – I’ve only created a virtual server - but the other two names resolve to it.

I noticed the name that was created was just ‘domain’ – is there something I’d have to do if I wanted to keep each of these three distinct?

Well, if you create a virtual server for “” in Virtualmin, and provided you’re hosting the zones yourself, a zone only for “” will be created. I can’t see a way how your local BIND would also “magically” resolve other zones with different TLDs but the same “domain”. :slight_smile:

That MIGHT be possible if you’re using some external name service, and for some reason THEY created zones for different TLDs for you.

Can you elaborate a bit more what you did? Like what domain you created where, take some screenshots of that “just domain” you’re seeing, a screenshot of the zones list in your “Webmin -> Servers -> BIND”, and so on.