Cronjobs will not fire

Guys, is there a special way to have Cronjobs fire?.. I’ve scheduled a CJ and when running all I get is NO OUTPUT GENERATED. If I try in terminal, it doesn’t do anything either.
I see the Cronjobs to run sitting in queue. I have checked in /var/log/syslog and don’t see anything related to CJ. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
|OS type and version:|UBUNTU 20.04|
|Webmin version:|REQUIRED|
|Virtualmin version:|REQUIRED|
|Related products version:|RECOMMENDED|

Are you sure your script or command actually works?

Most of the time when people think cron isn’t firing, it’s actually because their script isn’t doing what they think it is.

You say:

If I try in terminal, it doesn’t do anything either.

Do you mean, you run your script, and it does nothing? If so, obviously it will do nothing when run by cron, as well. A script that does nothing is a script that does nothing…cron can’t make it do something.

Thanks Joe. Could you tell me how to find the PHP_SAPI value of a server, please?. TY

Nope. I have no idea what that is.

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