CronJob Setup Issue

OS type and version AlmaLinux 9.3
Webmin version 2.111

In Webmin Scheduled Cronjobs I have setup a series of crons. When I run them manually they work fine but they do not run according to schedule - I set them up to run every minute. Logs dont show errors but there are no CMD entries for any of the new crons either
Only entry is this:

May 31 12:50:01 ip210 crond[1465]: ( RELOAD (/var/spool/cron/

As stated I can click Run Now - the cron runs fine and does what its supposed to do - its just the schedule doesnt fire properly. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this one?

Figured it out - had to cd to the file directory first and THEN run it- not sure why that worked but the schedule is now running (it was a php file that needed to run)

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