Cron problems: Time server different

Hello all,
I’m getting errors emailed to me from cron telling me:

Time sever different with local time too large: 39958 days

running date shows me correct time,Wed May 27 18:49:41 EDT 2009
and system time is also correct.

I’ve set my time server to and when I select Sync and Apply Virtualmin sets the time accordingly… but I’m getting these darn emails!

I’ve searched for this error but didn’t see how to fix this. Anyone have a pointer for me?

Thanks in advance!

There’s a mention of that error here:

Where it discusses making sure you have ntpdate installed.

Thanks Eric, I didn’t have ntpdate installed, in fact, I didn’t have ntp isntalled prior to yesterday. Since I still got the reports in my email last night I installed ntpdate this morning and will check it tonight.