Cron error for collect info

Since the last virtualmin upgrade I am seeing this error when the collect info job runs:
sh: line 1: 27765 Segmentation fault yum info 2> /dev/null

The contents of the perl script /etc/webmin/virtual-server/ are:

open(CONF, “/etc/webmin/miniserv.conf”);
while() {
$root = $1 if (/^root=(.*)/);
$ENV{‘PERLLIB’} = “$root”;
$ENV{‘WEBMIN_CONFIG’} = “/etc/webmin”;
$ENV{‘WEBMIN_VAR’} = “/var/webmin”;
exec("$root/virtual-server/", @ARGV) || die “Failed to run $root/virtual-server/ : $!”;

The file has root.root ownership and permissions are -rwxr-xr-x

Any ideas why the error?

Hmm, that’s an unusual problem.

How much RAM does your server have? You can determine that by running “free -m”. If you could post that output here, that’d be great!

Also, what happens if you log in as root, and run the command “yum info” – do you receive output for that, or do you get an error of some sort?


Thanks for the help and you pointed me in the right direction. I found it was the rpmforge repo causing the segfault. It’s apparently a known issue. I am disabling rpmforge for now.

Thanks for the link! If anyone else has that problem, now we’ll know what’s going wrong.


You are welcome! It’s cool to see Dag posting there :smiley:

That explains the problem I had :slight_smile: