Creating sub-servers 404 error

Hi there,
I’ve been using Virtualmin for over 5 years now. I needed to create a subdomain/subserver using Virutalmin. For a reason, when I try to access it using a browser I get error that it doesn’t exist.

I used to create subdomains effortlessly using cpanel. I’m suspecting something wrong with the DNS setup. I’m using Godaddy’s nameservers. Do I have to use my own? What am I doing wrong?

Server: Ubuntu 12.04
Webmin: 1.680
Virtualmin: 4.08 GPL


Do you have a wildcard DNS record (*) pointing towards your Virtualmin server’s IP address or have the subserver you’re trying to create listed as a DNS record pointing towards your Virtualmin server’s IP address?

If you’re actually getting a 404 error, it’s reaching some server, we just don’t know what server.

If you run:
ping -c1

If using windows:
ping -n 1

is the ping successful and does it show your server’s IP address?


I think I mislead you with the 404 error. It’s the fact that can’t be resolved.

Most probably its the wildcard DNS record (*) I was missing.

I did a quick reading on wildcard DNS record, but not sure it’s the right way to solve my problem.


The wildcard in your DNS records is a catch all, saying if any subdomain isn’t matched by another record, match to this one. If you already have a DNS record (such as an A record) for your subdomain, the wildcard isn’t necessary.

Hopefully the DNS records will solve your issue.