Creating Secure Account (no PHP, scripts, etc)

Virtualmin is very advanced in terms of creating features but how about not creating then?

I recently had the need to create a new virtual server to only host static content. This account has to be as secure as possible and only server plain Apache content but for my surprise there is no easy way to disable PHP or script execution on a virtual server.

I found this:

But still, I think there is a need for some people to actually create just a basic Apache account, example hosting just images or JS, CSS files. Having PHP, FTP and all the unwanted features not only makes that account slower to load with more configuration but also more insecure.

What are the settings to create an account where all a user can do is upload files with FTP and nothing more? No PHP, No SSI, No Email, No Databases. I’m looking for the most minimalist settings for a new virtual server.

From the above topic I posted it seems this is quite complicated in Virtualmin and you would need to do everything manually.

Virtualmin - System settings - Account plans… and then check what you want to allow. Once done create new user based on that account plan.