Creating new virtual server shows "IP address" as address instead of "*" in apache2 .conf file


When I create a new virtual server or sub-server this is how
“Webmin -> Apache Webserver -> Existing virtual host” looks like this.

Virtual Server Any 80 /home/abcd/domains/
Virtual Server Any 80 /home/abcd/domains/
Virtual Server 80 /home/abcd/domains/

The problem is on the third line of the above code. Instead of “Any 80” is shows “ 80”.


After creating a virtual server every time I have to go to /etc/apache2/sites-available and edit the “*.conf” file related to the particular virtual server.
Changes I made,
Find <VirtualHost> and changed it to, <VirtualHost *:80>
If SSL enabled,
Find <VirtualHost> Changed it to, <VirtualHost *:443>


What changes should I make in Virtualmin to add " * " instead of the “IP address” in the “*.conf” file of apache?

Thank you.

I just experienced this since upgrading to 6.05. I created a new virtual server, and it took down all other sites on a server because they all went to the one site with the IP address instead of the websites with ‘*’/Any. I could no way in virtualmin to fix it, but I manually edited the apache config back to a ‘*’ instead of the IP address, and that fixed it.

I can’t see any system setting to revert this behavior on existing servers, so this is a bug that breaks servers :frowning: