Creating new virtual server renders previously created ones unresponsive.


You were all very helpful to me last time I had problem with virtualmin so I hope you will be able to help me now.

I have installed virtualmin no problem and so far I was running three domains on three separate virtual servers. They all work fine, no problems there. I haven’t done anything else on Webmin or Virtualmin for around three months. Today I had to add a fourth domain. I have pointed it to my server from free dns service that I use for other three websites. I have done it exactly same way as before. Then I have proceeded to create fourth virtual server. I have filled the details with my new domain name, typed in password, the username etc. Virtualmin then set the new virtual server without any problems, new group, admin, MySQL database - you know the drill, the lot. But here is where the weird stuff begins. After I create this virtualserver all other websites stop working and I get 403 error. So, and were on separate virtual servers working fine but when I add on its own virtual server all of the previous ones stop working. When I delete this fourth virtual server, and comes back to life. I am doing everything the same way as i did with the previous three. To add to the confusion (at least for me) I have put a test index.html into public_html of the and that displayed no problem… but on all four addresses. But again deleting that virtual server returns the previous websites to as they were before, working without problem.

Thank you to anyone who will read this and respond. Please forgive me too if that sounds noobish :slight_smile: I am all new to this and it is just frustrating that I cant find answer myself. Which brings me to the second thing, I was trying to find if someone else was posting about similar thing here or anywhere else and I couldn’t find anything. It is quite complicated querry if you think about it.

Once again thanks!


It sounds like the fourth domain you created superseded the existing ones in terms of Apache’s (sometimes hard to understand) rules for selecting the virtual host to serve. So it’s not “noobish” at all, I myself fell for that stuff quite a few times. :slight_smile:

Can you, after you created domain4, go to “Webmin / Servers / Apache Webserver / Existing virtual hosts” and post a screenshot of the list?

If all is okay, you should see Virtual Servers for all the domains you created, with a specific IP address, and a specific port. If some of them have “any” for IP address, that might be a problem.

I will do that at some point today and will post the screen :slight_smile: thanks!


I was getting some weird errors with attachment uploader here so I had to use link:

Sorry for blacking it all out. All of those websites are work in progress and/or some tests.

Thing is, I have created all first three virtual servers the same way so why the change when creating the fourth one?

Thank you for all help! Much appreciated!



Okay, as I suspected, the previous domains have been created with “Any” as IP address. That’s why the new one supersedes them.

I can’t tell right away why that happened. It’s possible, since the fourth one was created correctly, that the problem has fixed itself meanwhile.

To fix the existing domains, the easiest way is to go to “Webmin / Servers / Apache Webserver / Global Configuration” and click “Edit Config Files”.

Then in the dropdown box select the files with “sites-available” in the path name. Click “Edit directives” for each of them. In the edit field, modify the VirtualHost directive to contain the IP address of your server’s network interface instead of “*”. Then click “Save”.

When finished, click “Apply changes” in the top-right corner.

Thank you Locutus!!!

Everything is working now and I can go back to work!!!
Thank you for all your help!


You’re welcome, glad you’re glad. :slight_smile: