Creating main server and a duplicate backup server or?

I have been using VM Pro for as long as I remember it being here??? I have tried others interim and have always come back to this software as I find it much more useful and free to do what you want. I currently have 3 licenses on 3 different machines and want to start from scratch. I want to end up with a main server and a second server that can be used as a “raid” type in case the other fails. Is this possible?

When I install on each server what host name do I give each if they are to be duplicates?
How do I IP address each machine?

These probably sound like newbie questions but I have always just installed and go! Ive never created a backup server plan.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer…



Well, Cloudmin Pro does offer failover between two systems monitored by Cloudmin.

However, the simplest (and cheapest) possible way to setup redundancy is to have a second host where you copy your backups to, and then import them into Virtualmin via cron (using the virtualmin command line tools).

If you did that once a day, you’d have a server with data no older than 24 hours, which would be able to take over for your main server.


I do also have a license for cloudmin local… and I use it between all 3 machines. Im not sure why, just cuz it was new and I wanted to see what it would do… so in that case scenario how would I setup each machine using cloudmin to replicate. Thanks so much for your help Eric!!


This turned out to be easier to explain than I realized, as Jamie had already written up instructions on doing it :slight_smile:

You can read Jamie’s instructions on doing that here: