Creating Git repo doesn't work


My issue is simple: I’ve been using Virtualmin/Webmin/Usermin for a while now, everything worked perfectrly. Mostly used for webhosting.

I’ve installed the virtualmin git package, enabled it in the features, enabled it on the virtual server, and I can see the service “Git Repositories”.

However, when I fill in all the info and click Create, it refreshes the page but doesn’t create anything, and I don’t see any error messages.

Creating a git repository DOES work on my other domains. I just installed a new domain, and it doesn’t want to work on this one for some reason…

Not sure what to do here.

My guess is, it has something to do with the fact there’s a hyphen in the domain’s name. “”, while my other domains don’t use hyphens.

Edit: I’ve since created a new sub-server on my domain without hyphen, named it “foo-bar” (so it becomes, but I can still create git repositories on this sub-server. So it might not be related to the hyphen.


I have the same issue exactly. My domain does not contain a hyphen so you can rule that out.

Were you able to solve it ?? Any help would be appreciated.


Hey azcunaga,

Unfortunately, I’ll have to disappoint you. The answer is no.

At the time, I ended up creating a subdomain ( to host the git repos. I never figured out what the issue was.

I also ended up buying a new server, so I can’t go back to check.

If you’re trying to figure it all out, try using server debugging tools and don’t forget to triple-check your permissions.

Perhaps contacting the virtualmin guys could help to figure out what command they use to create the repos - it might help identify the issue. Worst case, try creating everything via command line and see how it goes.

Hope this helps.