Creating FTP accounts outside a virtual server's home

I currently own 4 servers and I’m trying to setup a backup system where, for example:

  • SRV 1 backs up its files on SRV 2
  • SRV 2 backs up its files on SRV 3

and so on, basically every server backs up its files on at least one different server

The problem is that I have only found GUI options that let you create a “backup” user with a directory inside another user’s home directory, so:

what happens is that SRV 1 backs up its files on SRV 2’s home directory, but when I back up SRV 2’s files, they also include the backup from server 1, and it rapidly becomes a huge backup :slight_smile:

Is there any way I can set up a new FTP user without being inside a virtual server’s home directory?



Well, if all else fails – you can manually edit the FTP users home directory, and change it to a directory outside the Virtual Server.

I’m not sure if that’s something you can do within Virtualmin itself, but I don’t think it would cause any problems to make that change manually.


Or just simply use ssh for backup like me :slight_smile: