Creating and Deploying Custom Software Versions with Install Scripts

I tried this search on Google, and didn’t find anything that I found helpful:

virtualmin “install scripts” custom software version

Say I want to package and deploy a custom version of an application, maybe SugarCRM, are there instructions for that?

Actually, Sugar has a couple of ways to deploy add-on modules, etc., but if you want to roll out fully functional domains, it seems better to package a custom version of the software…or maybe not…that’s what I am trying to evaluate.


Yes, there’s developer docs for this, here:,script_installers

It’s a pretty well-documented API. It’s even simpler if you’re building one that is just a customized version of any existing script. Just copy it, change the hook names to “custom_sugarcrm_…” or “my_sugarcrm_…” or something, and make whatever changes you need.