Creating a "custom" FTP

Hallo again. I seem to create many new topics in this forum.
Anyway, I have a question once again.

I need to create an FTP account with a home directory:
(this is not a usual directory of the ftp server htdocs which is:

I just need an FTP. No SSH, No email, no web access. Solely an FTP for editing some files on the server in the above given directory.

I have a Virtual Server "customers" if that is of any relevance.

How can I do that.

I will accept any solution starting from installing some module and up to a custom written line in the FTP Server configs. Though a convenient way direct from webmin would be nice.

Regards, Rebrain


If you go into Virtualmin and choose the domain in question from the dropdown, go into “Edit Mail and FTP Users”, and you’ll see an option labeled “Add a website FTP access user”.

When you create it, it won’t be the home directory you want, it’ll be using /home/customers/public_html. I’m not sure of a way around that when creating it. Go and and create that anyhow, and we can just change it.

Now that the user exists, you can manually edit the users home directory (from either the command line, or by going into Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups), and change it to the correct directory.

If someone knows of a better way, perhaps they’ll speak up, but that’s probably the way I’d do it… that’s not too bad unless you had quite a few to add :slight_smile:

That works! Yay! :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping, you are the man!

Regards, Rebrain