Creating a New Virtual Server

When I try I get an error on the page:

HTTP/1.0 500 Perl execution failed Server: MiniServ/0.01 Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2007 20:12:26 GMT Content-type: text/html Connection: close
Error - Perl execution failed
Undefined subroutine &main::ui_hidden_table_start called at /usr/local/webmin-1.310/virtual-server/domain_form.cgi line 190.

Hey Leon,

Are you trying to enable IP-based FTP or SSL for the domain? Those require an IP per domain (this is not an arbitrary Virtualmin requirement…it is a requirement of those protocols…there is nothing we can do about it). Otherwise, you can create as many virtual servers on an IP as you like.

phubar me… i ticked the Virtual with IP, instead of the Shared…

thanks for pointing me in the right direction…

But on the FTP, when i create users i can let them point into the 2nd domain home dir right? Even tho there login comes from a different site?

Hey Leon,

But on the FTP, when i create users i can let them point into the 2nd domain home dir right? Even tho there login comes from a different site?

I’m not sure what you mean? I don’t see how users in a wholly separate domain could safely have the required permissions to do anything in another home directory…and I can’t figure out why you’d want them to?

If you want several domains managed by one user, make them all owned by the same user (just create them as, or convert them to, sub-servers owned by one domain account user). There are tricks you can play with group membership to make a specific user in another domain capable of doing things in another domain, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it, and strongly suspect there’s a better supported mechanism for doing what you want.

Anyway, what you’re after is going to be specific to the FTP server–not really related to Virtualmin. Most FTP servers (including our default ProFTPd) is limited by file system permissions, in addition to applying its own access control rules on top of that. So, even if you could convince the FTP server to drop the user into a directory that doesn’t belong to them upon login, they won’t have the privileges needed to do anything with it, unless you add them to the group that owns the directory and files (and even then, the files may be set writable only by the owner, in which case group membership won’t matter).

Clear as mud? Maybe you should tell us what you’re trying to accomplish…that may help me give better guidance on how to go about it. I’m talking in a lot of theoretical language because I don’t have a concrete goal to work towards. :wink:

Since i cannot add a virtual FTP server to domain Y, as the IP is already in use by domain X, can i create a user on Domain X’s FTP, and give hime rights to enter Domains Y’s homedir?

Or should i remove the virtual FTP for domain X also and just setup a FTP server on the IP adress, thuss without domain adress?
I just thought of this option, and i think it might be the easyest to accomplish… Just create a user and give him rights in the Domain dir.

Im sorry if i am not making myself that clear with typing… I sometimes lack the skills to express my thoughts…
I do hope this made it a bit more clear though, and not raised anymore confusion.

I cant try the solution i just thought tho at the moment since the VPS is having a weird error and i cant acces it at all… I hope it is fixed soon tho…

Hey Leon,

Whoah! I see where the confusion is coming from. You’re trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. :wink:

You’re assuming that you need to check the little box next to “Setup IP-based virtual FTP?” in order to allow users to login to this domain via FTP. You don’t. FTP is always available for any user that has a shell that is listed in /etc/shells…you don’t have to “enable” FTP for your domain users to be able to login via FTP. There’s a FAQ about this feature:

We renamed this option about a year ago to try to relieve this confusion (and stop people from thinking they needed this option just to allow FTP access, when almost no one needs it–probably just that one person who asked for it 3 years ago), but it didn’t work. We still get a lot of queries about this…so I think we just need to remove the option, and make people jump through hoops to make it visible.

If you’re having trouble with your FTP service, let me know…but you shouldn’t have to jump through any hoops to allow a domain owner to login to their home directory.

Thank you Joe for the clatification. Im loking into the FAQ and will remember that i do not need any ftp thing again…
I was already scared there was a really troublesome solution for it… ( i tend to think that quite easily on linux/serving matters due to my inexperience…)

Now off to setting all up again. :slight_smile:

Hey Ed,

Your Webmin is too old. You need 1.320 for Virtualmin 3.32 and above (both GPL and Professional).