Create virtual website (Wordpress) using default installation script with CLI only (create-domain/install-scripts)

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Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
Release: 20.04
Codename: focal

webmin: 1.981

virtualmin: 6.17-3

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I try to install a domain DOMAIN using this CLI command
virtualmin create-domain --domain DOMAIN --pass PASS_PASS --desc “1 - BERTRAND Guillaume - DOMAIN” --unix --dir --webmin --web --dns --mail --spam --limits-from-plan --mysql --webalizer --virtualmin-awstats --ssl

and after I search the command to install wordpress default script.

I am sorry maybe I dont search well in the doc.

Do you have this example command in order to create and install wordpress website (using the default script) on my domain ?

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Guillaume BERTRAND


You’re probably looking for the following CLI commands:


You can learn more about these commands by entering for example:

virtualmin install-script --help

This will show you the available options for the command

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Thanks a lot:

I am here right now I am searchering the websites directories.

root@websites:~# virtualmin install-script --type wordpress --domain DOMAIN --version 5.8.2 /home/cashdrone/public_html/

i try to pass the website directory

Do you know where is stored is the the website directory ?

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Adjust to:

virtualmin install-script -domain DOMAIN --db “mysql DBNAME” --path / --type wordpress --version latest

In the above…

DOMAIN implies the domain you want to install script to.

DBNAME would be the name of the database where WordPress would install to.

–path / implies that you want WordPress installed at https://DOMAIN/

–version latest will install the latest stable version of WordPress, much easier then specifying a version unless you want to install an older version (not usually logical)

If you want further explanations and help regarding the “install-script” command, please refer to:

Perfect, it is working

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