Create Virtual Server to existing user

is there a way to create virtual server if the user exists on system? For ex. if I have “test” user on my linux box and I wont to create virtual server for him from command line. I did try to use:

virtualmin create-domain --domain --pass test --desc “test” --unix --dir --webmin --web --dns --mail --limits-from-plan

But then Virtualmin creates new user. And if I remove --unix --dir from command line then there is error that it needs to create user.

Any Help please?

I’m not sure of a way to do this from the command line, but I think you can do what you’re after there using Add Servers -> Import Virtual Server.

What I don’t recall is if that’s available in the GPL version or not …


Oh man, Thanks. There is Import Virutal Server option in GPL version and it can be done in Command line. Now I can create Webmin/Virtualmin user with this and after that its easy to make virtual server for imported user.

Thanks one more time

Ah, there is no import virutal server option from command line. I can only user migrate-domain from command line and for that i need backup file from other web panels. Dont know why there is no Import Virtual Server option from command line, ewery other function that can be done through GUI can be done with command line.


You might consider filing a feature request using the “Support” link above – that may be simple to do, or perhaps already possible and for some reason not in the help output.