create system using command line console

I would like to know how to create a empty system using the CLI console.
as described on this website it should be like this (

cloudmin --type xen --host functest --desc ‘Empty host’ --xen-disksize 1024 --image xen-lenny-cd

But that is when using XEN as a hypervisor but i’m actually using KVM. and i already tried replacing every XEN with KVM in that sentenced and it did not work. and i also put down all the good directories.

Could someone please enlighten me how this can be done

I’ve noticed that i get the following options when creating the system

cloudmin create-system --host name
[–unix-host name]
–type kvm
[–desc “system description”]
–ssh-key keyid | --ssh-pass password | --no-ssh
[–webmin | --webmin-pass password]
[–image id]
[–serial number --key number] |
[–same-serial] | [–allocate-serial]
[–id number]
[–disk-directory dir]
[–owner name]
[–kvm-ip address[,address]]
[–kvm-cidr number[,number]]
[–kvm-netmask mask,[mask]]
[–kvm-gw address[,address|*]]
[–kvm-bridge name[,name]]
[–kvm-disksize megabytes]
[–kvm-swap megabytes]
[–kvm-memory megabytes]
[–kvm-cpu percent]
[–kvm-vcpus number]
[–kvm-cores number]
[–kvm-ioclass priority]
[–kvm-ip6 ipv6-address,[ipv6-address]]
[–kvm-netmask6 mask,[mask]]
[–kvm-gw6 ipv6-address,[ipv6-address]]
[–kvm-allocate-ip6 true|false]
[–kvm-lvm true|false]
[–kvm-virtio true|false]
[–kvm-model rtl8139|i82551|i82557b|i82559er|ne2k_pci|ne2k_isa|e1000|virtio|pcnet|lance|mcf_fec]
[–kvm-start true|false]
[–kvm-vga true|false]
[–kvm-firewall true|false]
[–kvm-iscsi hostname]
[–kvm-args parameters]

But this is very hard to make if nothing else is given to make this.


What error(s) do you receive when trying to create a KVM system on the command line?


I actually don’t get any errors but i only get the cloudmin create-system with all the parameters that can be fullfilled when trying to create this using the CLI method

So i get a long list like listed above in my previous post