Create IMAP folders from client

So i have a strange issues. I just switched from LXAdmin/Kloxo over to virtualmin. I was using Dovecot in kloxo as well. With Outlook connected to Kloxo using IMAP I could create folders in Outlook and they’d get created on the server as well. However with the Virtualmin settings it doesn’t appear to let me create the folders that way. However if I log in with roundcube and create the folders that works. Then I can subscribe to them with outlook.

Any thoughts?


Which version of Outlook are you using? And what happens when you try to create a folder there?

I’m using outlook 2013. It creates the folder in Outlook’s data file and I can put mail in it. But when I go to roundcube the folder isn’t there.

I’ve also tried thunderbird with the same result.

Out of curiosity, if you create an IMAP folder using RoundCube, does it appear in Outlook?


If I create it in roundcube. then do a query in outlook or thunderbird I can then subscribe to the folder.

Ok I’m an idiot I guess.

Inside outlook if I create the folder and then go to IMAP Folders I was expecting to see it there. Since I didn’t see it there I assumed there was a problem.

But if I create the folder in outlook. Then do a send and receive. And THEN go to the IMAP folders it shows up. I guess I wasn’t giving the software long enough to talk to each other. Stupid instant gratification need :stuck_out_tongue: