Create email account ( with my domain:

Hello Virtualmin, I want to create an email for main domain on Virtualmin. I did some configurations after watching guides on google. and tried son send and email from my Gmail account and the message wasn’t sent. do you have a guide about this topic? knowing that I have installed Virtualmin on ubuntu 18.04. (see files attached) Hope you can help me.

If you are running a default virtualmin install, essentially all that us required is for you to

  1. Virtualmin>Edit Users
  2. Add a new virtualmin user (the add user option on lhs)
  3. Ensure that user has email options enabled (which should be by default)

Then it should work…nothing more to do.

The first place to check if a new email account t is working should always be through Usermin. If it’s working in Usermin but not from your desktop pc or mobile app, then you are configuring those apps incorrectly.