create e-mail

I tried several times to create email,but every time i can sen emails, but i can not recieve any e mails.
any help

What kind of errors are you getting?

Do you see anything in the mail log or procmail log?


how can i view mail log?
do you mind to send you the server login info ??

It depends on your distribution, but it’s generally either /var/log/mail.log or /var/log/maillog.

Try sending a message to yourself, and see what, if any, errors show up in there. Also let us know if you’re getting any bounce messages.

Lastly, run your domain through a tool such as the one provided at, which will do a check on your DNS settings and verify that what you’re seeing isn’t a DNS issue.


I ckecked,everything is normal, my domain is
i created email

  • I can send emails from
    -I can forward incoming emials
    -I can send emails to without any errors , but i there is no emails in read box ???
    i checked the mail log,it just show the messages that i sent ,but there is no any error message.
    can i have yur private email so you can look at it.
    Thank you