"Create destination directory?" for scheduled backup fix needed

First off, as always thank you for this fantastic piece of software!!!

I have just recently set up my scheduled backups and found a small almost error.

When “Create destination directory?” is checked it will only create 1 level of new directories.

eg. if /home/user/backup already exists

mkdir /home/user/backup/date this will work

mkdir /home/user/backup/date/hourly this will not work

mkdir -p /home/user/backup/date/hourly this will work, by first creating date, then hourly

I would make the edit myself, but have no idea where to even begin looking. would it be possible to add the -p flag/option to the mkdir in the code?

My workaround was just to create a cron job that creates my directory at midnight each day.


Hmm, you may want to file that as a Bug Report / Feature Request. While that doesn’t come up too often, it’s often enough that perhaps it ought to be added as a feature in Virtualmin :slight_smile:

You can do that using the Support link above.