Create and point subserver

I want to create a subserver and point it to a directory in the main site, but simply creating a subserver doesnt seem to allow/have the option to do this.

So, I then create a subserver that allows creation of websites. I then install the software (phpmyadmin) and the following url is created sub.domain.tld/phpmyadmin - the whole point of creating the subdomain is so the /phpmyadmin is not visible!

Anyway, when I do set up sub.domain.tld/phpmyadmin, it isnt accessible, even though the subdomain is listed in the DNS records!

So, how do I set up a sub domain that points to an exisiting folder, but doesnt reference it (at least the top of the subfolder)?


create sub.domain.tld as a top level server and install phpmyadmin in the root of that server ?

that would be my choice. The server has then it’s own credentials too.


thanks for your response.

I have done this and whan accessing the software, it shows sub.domain.tld/phpmyadmin!

Or have I done something wrong?

when you used the script installer then by default it will install in a folder /phpmyadmin.

you need to make sure you install it in the root of the domain e.g. /public_html

Install sub-directory under public_html At top level