Create alternative MX records.

By default, virtualmin creates an A record ‘mail’ and a MX record pointing at ‘mail’ with priority 5.

Can this be changed? (Ofcourse I can change this later manually)

Actually my MX records should point at my two “edge servers”, which will deliver it internally to my Virtualmin Postfix service.

So when I check ‘Mail for domain enabled’ it should create 2 MX records for like: IN MX 10 IN MX 20

Hi bvdijk

The mx records are handled by the Server Templates, which are located at Virtualmin > System Settings > Server Templates. In here you can create templates on which new servers are created.

Either, create an empty template or create a template for the default settings, then in the Edit template settings select box, choose BIND DNS domain to manually setup the records that BIND will generate for servers created using this template.

On our servers, we have a template to use when we are utilising Google Apps for mail delivery and this creates the relevant mx and cname records for that purpose. During server creation, simply select the correct template for your purpose and it will be configured for you.

Hope this helps, but let me know if you need more info.