missing in virtualmin 3.68 GPL?

I’m trying to automatically create the admin accounts when migrating some domains to virtualmin.

I check the related document of the difference between GPL and Pro and don’t see how would be excluded in the GPL. The program is listed in the virtualmin command api. Of all the extra administrator apis, only is included on my system. Is this a bug?

I am pretty sure I have a complete installation of virtualmin GPL. Does anyone have the same experience?


Hi John,

As of just a couple of releases back, all the command line stuff was Pro only.

However, they had since decided to make the majority of that available in both the GPL and Pro versions, I believe. So I think that’s a bug, but you may need to ask Jamie :slight_smile:

My recommendation is to take exactly what you wrote above, and file it as a bug report using the Bugs and Issues link below so they can look into it.


I’m not sure about this one. Does GPL have the capability to create extra admins? If it does, then yes, it’s a bug that the API doesn’t have it, and filing a ticket would get it sorted in the next release. If GPL doesn’t have the ability to create extra admins, then it’s a bug that delete-admin is included. :wink:

In the past, we provided a much more limited API in the GPL version, but we wanted to encourage more Virtualmin related development and integration, so we pushed it all into GPL (though the commands related to features that GPL doesn’t have obviously aren’t, and shouldn’t be, included)…and so, maybe there remain one or more commands that should be included but aren’t.