create a mail admin

Hello !,

Try to find a way to make a Virtualmin MailAdmin… ?
By default the vserver administrator has that privilege.
I would like to create a user who can only Create and manage
email accounts of the specified server but not have the ability to
connect via ftp and for example delete all the html files … :wink:

How can I manage extra admins ? is it possible ?
I tried to find that for a few hours… but not

Last thing I tried:

As root I created a new standard email user for the specific
Then I went to webmin:
“manage users” / “convert unix account to webmin account”
But it’s seems really not working as it’s not even want to save
the desired feature I checked for that webmin account;
and impossible to login as that user…
( the last is another problem )

But is that way an idea to continue with ?


You haven’t said if you are using VMPro or not.

If you are working in virtualmin you really don’t want to go to webmin root. That’s why you get a warning when you try to change a virtualmin user at root.

you want to log into the server as your super admin, then while in virtualmin choose the server you want to create the admin for. THen under administrative options choose to manage extra admins, assign the rights you want and walla, you have the admin you want. He then logs into the virtual server admin panel and all the will show up is what you’ve allowed him.

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virtualmin GPL version 3.41
webmin 1.340
on a Debian etch

ok, might be that, I use the GPL version
I have only “Edit Owner Limits” in “Administration options”
There’s always a reason for a “Pro” version.
Will have a look at the pro v.



Hmmm…Yeah, looks like this is a Pro-only feature. Not real sure why, though. (Our policy on “Pro vs. GPL” features is: Is it a feature most useful to those who make money with Virtualmin? And this one probably doesn’t fit that description.)

It’ll probably be in GPL in the next revision or two.

Just wanted to confirm that Extra Admins can now be added
With the Virtualmin GPL 3.50


Thanks All