Create a domain

Hello, Sorry, but I can’t understand how I have to enter a domain. I can’t find any links to create a domain.

I’m not an expert,can you help me? I just installed the panel and after “Post-Installation Wizard”, and now how do I install a domain?


Something is broken. That’s not a complete menu.

Did you get errors during installation? How much memory do you have?

I installed virtualmin from my panel

Memory is this:
Real memory: 1.92 GB total / 661.96 MB free / 477.48 MB cached Swap space: 0 bytes total / 0 bytes free

I dunno anything about that, and wouldn’t be able to fix it (we didn’t have anything to do with that image), but something is definitely broken.

Why not just spin up a new instance (use Debian 10, though, Debian 8 reach end of life in June of last year) and run the Virtualmin install script?

That was a bug in the theme that was bundled with Webmin < 1.920. It was automatically introduced after Chrome was updated. You need to update to the latest Webmin 1.941 as soon as possible anyway, to have latest security patches or use Firefox, that doesn’t have this kind of issue.

Thanks so much .
I installed in Debian 10, and everything works perfectly.

I don’t understand why big companies like allow its users to use operating systems so out of date.

Today I will contact them at the call center, but I am sure they will not be able to give me any explanation.

thank you very much .