cPanel migration

Were doing some testing with the cPanel migration tool and we are having a problem with cPanel recreating addon domains properly. What appears to be happening is Virtualmin is creating the subdomain for the addon domain but is not adding the alias.

This is what I’m seeing durning the import, in cPanel an addon domain was creating with the domain

Creating sub-domain
Creating home directory …
… done
Adding to email domains list …
… done

Adding new virtual website …
… done

Applying web server configuration …
… done

Saving server details …
… done

Updating Webmin user …
… done

Re-loading Webmin …
… done

… done
Creating sub-domain
… skipping, as not a sub-domain of


Well, Jamie would know far better about that than I – I’ll see if he can chime in on the issue you’re seeing.

Hi Joe,

I haven’t see a cPanel backup before that contains these addon domains, which is why Virtualmin doesn’t support them. Would it be possible for you to email me a backup like this at ? Then I can test it in Virtualmin and see what is going wrong …


I was just looking through the migrate code and your right there isn’t anything in there to handle add-on domains. This is a commonly used feature of cPanel by our users and is similar to the sub-server feature in cPanel.

In the cPanel backup file there is a file called addons which contains the addon domain name and the subdomain it should be linked up to.

I also noticed that the migrate script doesn’t support custom document roots for addon domains. These can be found in the sds2 file.

I will email you the test backup file I was using.


Thanks … I will take a look at the backup file when I get it, and hopefully include support for this in Virtualmin 3.70. Unfortunately there is no documentation on the cPanel backup format, so I have to reverse-engineer it when implementing the migration in Virtualmin … which means that it is easy to miss lesser-used features like addon domains.

We plan on using the cPanel migration script a lot, it’s going to be very useful for us when a client upgrades from our shared cPanel solution to a VPS with virtualmin on it. I will be sure to let you know if we run into any other issues with it.


I have tried migrating my Cpanel Backup which consists of one main TLD and 4 add-on domains…Virtualmin treals the add-on domains as Sub-domains of the main TLD with Alias’s but then it skips migration of all Sub-domain for the add-on domains. whihc means it also skips all content installed top those sub-domains as well.

I’d like to use Virtualmin but this is causing me to hold off on that decision.

Suggestions? Status?

Virtualmin 3.76 on Centos 5.4