cPanel migration with add-on domains and parked domains

Hello Virtualmin users!

I have just installed virtualmin a couple of days ago and I love it, so a big thanks to the team. I have a client who wants to be migrated from hostgator which is using cPanel. He has one cpanel account with some dubdomains and some add-on domains. Some of the add-on domains have subdomains point to them.

I have managed to migrate the cpanel accout over and have used the comman-line utility to restore the accounts (Username and password removed.

virtualmin migrate-domain --source /home/matt/backup-6.4.2014_14-04-13_beauty.tar.gz --type cpanel

The only issue I have is that I have one main virtual server (, with lots of sub servers ( and each sub server has an alias using the real domain name for that site ( This would be fine if the real site pointed to the same place as but it doesn’t. Their relatives paths are: points to
/home/example/public_html/website/ points to

Also in cPanel the had a mail account ( which can be seen in the folder /home/example/MailDir but which is nowhere to be seen in the virtualmin admin area.

I hope my terminology is right regarding virtual/sub/alias servers. It’s all new to me!

  1. Is there an easy way to firstly make sure the alias points to the same folder as the sub server
  2. Add the mail accounts that are in the MailDir directory back to the server so they are avaliable from virtualmin?

It looks like some of the mail accounts are attached and I can take a guess at what has happened. My client has 70 websites and many of them have a info@ mail account such as When the migration has happened it has tried to convert the users name to info.example (as it’s under rather than info.realsite. Is there any way around this?

Just a quick update in case anybody else finds the same problem.

I converted each “Alias” to a subserver and then went to “Server Configuration -> CHange Domain” where you can change the mail suffix. Once I had done that I could create more than one user with the username info.* under the same account.

I’m wondering if it would be worth changing the mail suffix automatically for “Add-on domain” when importing cpanel accounts?