Cpanel Migration Problem - asking for password?

Hello everyone,

I have a problem when I try to migrate a cpanel FULL backup of one of my clients to virtualmin Pro. These are the settings I choose at Migrate Virtual Server:

  • Backup file type: Cpanel
  • Domain name to migrate: Work out from backup, if possible
  • Username for domain: Work out from backup, if possible
  • Password for administrator: Work out from backup, if possible
  • Create Webmin user: Yes
  • Template for new server: A template that I have created for other servers
  • New server’s IP address: Shared
  • Owned by server owner: New user
  • Prefix for mail usernames: Automatic
  • Contact email address: Administrator’s mailbox

After I press Migrate Now it show me the following:

Validating migration file …
… validation failed : A password must be supplied for cPanel migrations

Can someone help? Thank you very much for your time!

PS: I have already checked the integrity of the backup file so I know it is good.

Unfortunately, I don’t believe Virtualmin is able to detect the password for the admin cPanel user, so you’ll need to add it in manually on that form.

Thank you very much Eric. That was the problem. I inserted my own password and worked. Although it copied the cpanel features and not the features from the template. I don’t think that is a problem anyway. I will change them manually. Thank you again.