cPanel migration of large files fails

My browser timesout when I try to migrate a very large cPanel server. Is there a way to do this via command line?

I don’t see one listed here:,command_line_api/

If a command line script is what you’re interested in, you might want to pop a feature request into the Bug/Issue tracker – and Jamie would either point you in the right direction, or look into putting one together in the future.

Another way to handle that would be to copy the cPanel backup file locally (assuming you hadn’t already), and run the migration against that local file instead of waiting for it to copy the entire thing.

I am migrating the file from the same machine as Virtualmin is on. But it is so huge that the browser times out. SO I need a solution for this.

In Virtualmin Professional everything in the UI is available from the command line.

The command you want is migrate-domain.

Something like:

virtualmin migrate-domain --source filename --type cpanel

You can also get help interactively…and the online docs are here:,virtualmin_api_migrate_domain/