cPanel migration is eating mail?

I’m in the process of preparing a new server running Virtualmin Pro to replace a client’s cPanel machine. In testing of the cPanel migration, I’m finding that the conversion from cPanel’s mbox to Virtualmin’s Maildir is not working correctly. I’m winding up with a Maildir full of empty 262 byte files, with maybe one or two actual email messages.

Is this something that has been well tested? The migration of the user accounts and web appears to work fine, it’s just email that’s getting eaten. Should I bugreport this with further details? I happen to have about 70 cPanel sites of all different sizes, so if you need further test data I’m more than happy to help out.

Hey Joshua,

Test data is always good. We’ve been doing a lot of work on the cPanel migration feature over the holidays and a lot of issues have outed themselves (this is all new code and the backup format is not documented, so a lot of problems have to be expected, but it’s getting better), but we haven’t seen this one.

Feel free to open a bug and mail the smallest domain backup you have that exhibits this problem to me or Jamie (I’m joe at virtualmin dot com and Jamie is jcameron at webmin dot com) or both. Be sure to let us know which mailbox is supposed to have something in it, so we know when something is going wrong.

If you’re pretty familiar with the way cPanel does things, we’d also appreciate any feedback you have on what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong in the process of migrating.