cPanel migration and Virtualmins Web Page Edit


I have migrated a few servers now and a few of them have been for my customer that is used to using rvsitebuilder and decided that they could work with the web page edit inbuilt website builder.

On these accounts that are migrated the pages don’t show up in the Web Page Edit section. Is there something I am doing wrong or don’t files from migrated cPanel servers show here. I am wondering what I can do to help this customer.

If this isn’t going to work does anyone have any ideas as to what website builder I could suggest.


We haven’t had a lot of folks really using the editor. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t get better–I suspect the problem you’re experiencing is that the website editor is kinda dumb and doesn’t know about subdirectories, which is bug-like. If people are using it, then we’ll work on making it work better for your needs. :wink:

What does the file layout for one of these problem sites look like?

It is important to be able to edit web pages in sub-directories at least.

Please add this capability.