Cpanel Issues: moving subserver to parent server and email folders are all empty

I finally got a cpanel account migrated into Virtualmin, but there are problems.

  1. There does not seem to be a reliable way to move a subserver to be a parent server - I tried the virtualmin move-domain method, which looked good in terms of the output, but the result was to have duplicated an alias domain rather than move the domain itself.

  2. Email accounts are all there, but all of the IMAP folders disappeared, and the inboxes are empty.

  3. I selected the name of the subserver on import in a different attempt, and it created a parent server/domain successfully, but the email problem persists, and the public_html file for the actual site (which had been a subserver) was still in a subdirectory named after the subserver.

I suspect that many of these problems may be due to a non-standard Cpanel setup (hostgator) or something. I think I may have better luck just recreating the domain/server and manually creating the accounts and manually moving the website and mail folders.

I would still like to know how to solve these problems, especially #1 above: what is the correct way to move a sub server to being a parent server without problems?