Cpanel imports from Hostgator - parent domains

Having some fun with migrating my full Hostgator site (CPanel backup) into Virtualmin.

The way Hostgator works is when you first setup your server there is one ‘main’ parent domain, so all the ‘Add-on’ domains are kind of child domains under the parent domain.

So you can actually go to or

Problem is, I don’t want to switch the main domain until I’ve tested everything on my new server…and I suspect that the child sub-servers will not work until that main domain is switched over? As won’t be pointed at the new server, so won’t work…even though will be pointing there? (I could be wrong in this, waiting for the DNS to update)

Is there a way of extracting that ‘child’ domain and making it a full independent domain, ie. not a child of anything? Or do I need to set it up from scratch? I’d rather each site was independent rather than copy the strange way that Hostgator does things…

Or is there a better way of importing CPanel sites per domain?

I found the Move server option - which might fix it. But when I migrate I get these errors?

find: ‘/home/fireslug/public_html/xxx/Maildir’: Permission denied

find: ‘/home/fireslug/domains/xxx/public_html’: No such file or directory

For every domain?