Cpanel imports- couple of issues

OS type and version Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Webmin version 1.994
Virtualmin version 7.1-1
Related packages Apache?

Hi All,
I’ve spent a good few hours researching this and I hope someone can offer some hints.
I’ve moved across a couple of accounts from a cpanel server, I had a couple of trial runs, wiped the server and did it again.
Understand I am using beta software- I got better results with this than v6 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS


  1. Wordpress websites (mostly) not working - Apache logs say an issue with .htaccess and followsymlinks

I’ve investigated this and I guess my basic issue is I can’t figure out which .htaccess files and which directory the site is being served from.

Virtualmin says the home dir is at

But in File Manager says this directory only contains some mail accounts and logs
Website says ‘internal server error’
But another wordpress site works with the same setup?
I reckon I can solve this if I understand the process better!

  1. Letsencrypt
    The letsencrypt setup seems to only work for the primary domain, how to get to setup for other domains?

  2. Email
    This is probably connected to the SSL certs, but any tips welcome!

This implies a Virtualmin sub server. When you restored / moved from cPanel, the domain in Virtualmin has been created as a sub server instead of a virtual server. A Virtualmin virtual server would be at /home/username so, in your case, /home/ or /home/domain

For one of the other domains, have you used Virtualmin → Server Configuration → SSL Certificate to apply for a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate? Do you get an error?

Thanks for the tips @calport
I’m probably having issues due to unfamiliarity with the system.
So what I kind of want is

  • move some servers from a sub server to a virtual server
  • add Letsencrypt requests manually

Sadly I think I’m going to have to set up another cPanel server and come back to this when I am better prepared. I’ve been doing this because current cpanel is a bit unstable.
I am ok with Letsencrypt, but I can’t find any docs about fixing up the sub server to full server issue

Thanks again for your help

Converting a sub server to a top level virtual server is as easy as can be: Virtualmin → Server Configuration → Move Virtual Server

Here is the screenshot

You would need to specify any available (unused) username and password.

Hey @aconnor don’t give up yet. There are many in the community who can assist and if you like, I could login to your Virtualmin system and help you migrate a domain or two to get you started.

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I suggest you learn Virtualmin. You’ll get to understand it, and save money and annoyance in the long run.

Niel has forgotten more about it than I know, so I suggest you take him up on his offer. I’m still a relative newbie at about… I guess two years using Virtualmin (compared to more than 20 with cPanel). But even an old fart like me learned enough to use Virtualmin in revenue service in about two or three weeks. It’s really not hard.


You’re all very kind, thank you.

Honestly I was very impressed by the project before the extra help you’ve given!

My challenges are basically

  • not knowing enough about what I’m doing
  • time crunch because existing server is unreliable
  • don’t want to ask for urgent, unpaid support on a weekend.

I think my best option is to

  1. transfer to a fresh cpanel/ WHM server
  2. then fix some of the historical issues on that
  3. then transfer a less important account and make sure I know what I’m doing

By then I should know if I need professional help, but I am cool with paying for support if needed. The cpanel server only has 4 accounts in total, 2 are mine, but the other 2 could be a bit complicated and we may not move them to Virtualmin

Thanks again

By 4 accounts do you mean only 4 Wordpress sites?

If so, it would be far easier and less hassle to just use the All-in-one migration tool to move them.

You’d be done in less than an hour.

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ok since I spent ALL DAY transferring a couple of accounts to a new cpanel server, I’m going to PM you to see if I can get your (paid) help to migrate my 2 accounts to Virtualmin.

Then I’ll tell the clients that the guy who invented cPanel has died and the keys are lost, so they’ll need to move their accounts somewhere else…

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Calport will have it done in about 2 hours or less, I’d wager.

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oops sorry I did mean @Calport.

I’ll need a bit to recover from this weekend and get on to it asap

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