Cpanel import problems with mail account / tmp

I am trying to convert from cpanel to Virtuamin and am having a couple of problems with the migration tool.

  1. A couple of my backup are extremely large ~ 10gb. The migration uses the /tmp partition while it uncompresses the files and each time I run out of space on that partition. Is there any way around this?

  2. All the mail accounts on the cpanel server have this format "". I can see that you can setup addresses like "", but ideally I would like to be able to do this without having each user update their settings.

If you have any ideas thanks! Glad to be almost cpanel free.

I was able to come up with a solution/hack for the /tmp partition filling up. I stopped all services that use the /tmp partition and unmounted it. Then moved the old tmp and created a new /tmp directory and restarted the services. Now I can import the files and then restore. Once I complete the migrations I will clear out the /tmp remount and all should be good. It would be cool if one of the settings could be a configurable tmp location for migrations.

Still stuck on the plus sign in user mail logins.