CPanel import error

Operating system
Ubuntu Linux 18.04.5
Virtualmin version

Try 1 with all default:

Validating migration file …
… validation failed : Could not find mail aliases file for in backup

Try 2 with Create Webmin user unticked:

Failed to migrate virtual server : Missing or invalid absolute local file

Try 3 with use existing administrator:

Failed to migrate virtual server : The selected template cannot be used for sub-servers

Please can I get assistance with this as I am unable to import the CPanel backup

In this, before you begin the import process could you disable importing of email accounts and see if the rest of the cpanel account is ingested successfully?

That says to me that they weren’t backed up when you created the CPanel backup file. When you ran the CPanel backup wizard, are you sure you had Full Backup selected?

Thanks Gomez_Adams, I am not the person doing the export and have asked the hosting company to please re_export selecting Full Backup

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