Cpanel Convert - Newbie with questions - someone willing to be my friend ;-)

  1. I have paid virtualmin but never asked questions, BUT I’d assume support is for virtualmin related issues not ‘hey, i messed up this config file can you fix it for me’ type of thing.

  2. Monitoring/notification/restarting processes for almost anything can be setup in webmin/other/system and server status.

Hey thanks for your help :slight_smile:

RE 9 > thanks - found the monitoring - but it’s not clear if services automatically try to restart if there is some kind of failure (as happens in WHM )

Webmin 1.882 to 1.921 - Remote Command Execution (CVE-2019-15231) August 17, 2019

" it is not exploitable in a Webmin install with the default configuration"