courierpop3dsizelist file

After some trouble for configuring virtualmin webmin usermin, everything is ok now.
I’ just have a question. courierpop3dsizelist file has been automatically created in Maildir folder. Is it normal? and can i delete it?

Howdy Olivier,

We don’t know. We don’t use Courier here. We like Dovecot.

You’ll need to dig up a Courier support forum and see what they have to say about it. But I’d guess that if Courier created the file, it probably wants it to be there, so I wouldn’t go deleting files I didn’t understand. That said, if it’s anything like Dovecot, it’s probably just a cache file, and probably can safely be deleted–but it’ll be regenerated next time someone connects.

Why do you want to delete it?

Why do you want to delete it?
Dear Joe It's a good question and i've no answer! Probably too many beer after our victory against irish on rugby world cup. Best Olivier

Heheheh! Good excuse. :wink: