Couple of MySql Questions/Issues

I’m setting up virtualmin in a new environment (Ubuntu 12.04) and I need help figuring out a couple of things regarding MySql users:

  • In my server template, I have the "Create Database As Well As Login?" option set to no, but it still creates the database for new virtual servers. Is there some other option I need to set somewhere to make this work?
  • When creating the mysql user, I want to give the user permissions to ${PREFIX}\_% rather than ${PREFIX}\_{Default DB Name} there an option to allow for this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

The template option should actually be the correct one to prevent the default database from being created. Are you sure you edited the right template (mind top-level vs. sub-server), and are applying the right one when creating a new server?

Can you elaborate the “permissions to ${PREFIX}…” thingy? I’m afraid I didn’t really get that. :slight_smile: