Could use some help with inital slave DNS nameserver setup

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OK, I Think I figured this whole thing out and Now I have run into a glitch.

When I do the bind, I get error

Adding (SERVER IP) …
Server (SERVER IP) is not running Webmin version 1.202 or above.

This is not true, I tested this with the newest version of webmin only and with the newest version of Virtualmin,

How can I bypass this so It will ignore this confusion?



------------------ UPDATE:

Well I think I got it, just gotta wait for new propagation to check.

The above issue was related to firewall not having both TCP and UDP ports open for the range of 10001 - 10010, Only having UDP for the connection of said ports doesn’t work and causes to flag the error for the wrong version check. So had to open both.

I may still be lost on a few things, But we shall see after propagation.

As it stands for now.
In godaddy, I have the nameserver IPs pointed to the respective Server locations for each dns.

In webmin, I have the servernames on each server set to
and to match what I have in godaddy.

I have the servers binded together with bind and dns2 is the slave to dns1.

All of that is functioning.

Shouldn’t be much more , will update.

--------------- UPDATE

This does not seem to be working, when I use DNSCHECKER.ORG

The dns2 is showing up as dns1 in the check for NS (nameservers) Does anyone know if that’s normal?

Not sure why… Although it is showing the ip address for DNS2 if I check the A record for DNS2.

Going to give it more time before I fiddle with it.

------------------ UPDATE

Was a port problem causing the issues with propagation.

TCP and UPD port 53 needed opened for NEW connections, didn’t realize DNS needed this port.

I think I am in the clear, websites are starting to propagate now.

--------------- UPDATE


Have run into this issue with log rotation,

Current logrotate configuration is not valid :

error: stat of /var/log/virtualmin/dns.domain.com_access_log failed: No such file or directory
. This must be fixed, or log file rotation will not be done.
… your system is not ready for use by Virtualmin.

What should I do here? create a file for that? or directory?

---------------------------- UPDATE:

Found out that old domains leave behind scratch data, fixed this issue by deleting the associated file in the logrotate.d folder inside of /etc/ once that log file was gone for the deleted domain, error went away.

UPDATE to the whole thing.

DNS1 has propigated great, working fine. DNS2 is only partially working, should I set up a top level domain for DNS2 on the server of DNS1 that points with an A record to DSN2?

Will this validate DNS2 so that its IP will properly propagate? or does the slave DNS just take 10x as long to be recognized properly?

-------------- UPDATE

After some fiddling around, discovered that it is best to have both DNS’s Setup as Top level domains on the primary server (of course this will replicate itself on the slave). This creates an NS record for both, linking them together, make sure to change the IP address for the Top level domain of DNS2 this allows them to propagate as “affiliates”. Especially when you keep an NS record for DNS1 on DNS2 top level domain and visa versa. I believe this is a must have.

-------------------- UPDATE

Removed top level domain nameserver 2 on server1 and put it on Server2 as top level domain. Increased propagation but hasn’t propagated in 2 locations still.

Going to leave it like this for 48hrs to see the results, the fact that when you check nameserver for DNS2 shows results of both DNS together is good, so have to assume that its correct, same thing happens when checking nameserver status of DNS2. For some reason a few locations on each are not propigated, assume it will happen sooner or later.

Going to wait.

Ok, so not working correctly,

Subdomains are not working with DNS, so I must have something wrong here,

Subdomains aka subservers are not showing up in bind… should they? doesn’t seem like that is necessary, but may be so, would like to know for sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

------------------ UPDATE -----------------Followed these instructions:

After registering your nameservers at your domain name registrar – you’ll want to log into Virtualmin, select your “” domain, click Server Configuration -> DNS Records, and create a new “A - IPv4 Address” record for and

Lastly, you’ll want to tell Virtualmin to use your nameservers when it generates NS records for new Virtual Servers that it creates. You can do that by going into ‘System Settings’ -> ‘Server Templates’ -> ‘Default Settings’ -> ‘BIND DNS Domain’, and set ‘Master DNS server hostname’ as well as ‘Additional manually configured nameservers’.

But there is a problem here, I read elsewhere that you only use “additional manually configured nameservers” If the server is not binded. Is this true? Should I leave the slaver servers name in this slot? or should I remove it from this slot since the nameserver is binded?

------------------------ Made those changes also updated (Network Configuration) for each server to list local and both dns on each, no change to the fact that my subdomains are not being directed by DNS,

When I make a Subserver, It states that it is restarting DNS and DNS slave, but there are no records in either of the subserver… Should there be?

----------------------- UPDATE

Tried to add domain nameservers to “settings for Sub-servers” and broke “named.service”

Not sure why but cant get it running again now. lol

subDomains still didnt created any dns records

---------------------------------------- Somehow messed up my server with above changes.

Not sure why its not attaching nameservers to Subdomains, Really need someone to let me know if this is standard for a subserver to not be added to bind dns.

So that I can look elswhere for the fix.


I can’t believe no one in the community that knows what they are doing with this has taken the time to make a response here.

I have literally documented my whole process. A pro at this could simply jump in here and see where I may have gone wrong.

I have seen that the instructions to do this are all over the place, since each scenario is different I can understand why. But there should atleast be some sort of solid documentation to point to … The official information about bind dns setup on the virtualmin website is barely 600 works and no images to show anything to a new user. Examples etc…

I want to transition to virtualmin, but feel i’m being sucked back to proprietary Cpanel.

Don’t let me go back there. Please.

Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, have you seen how “Centos web panel” handles this very same scenario? there system has two distinct locations to put DNS information, an easy method to use just one etc…

Im about to do a full reinstall on both of my servers just to try again,

Someone throw me some help here.


I am new but used this guide from my host to get the DNS setup - I followed steps 1 to 3. Steps 4+ were not used.

I don’t know if it will help. You could also check with sources such as Linode who seem to have good documentation.

Thanks for the response Ksho.

Unfortunately though, that tutorial doesn’t even scratch the surface of what I’m trying to do.

My plan is to run my own nameserver from two locations, the primary that hosts my websites will be binded to my secondary which is in an entirely different location in the country to serve as a additional nameserver.

I have run into a few issue.

My best results where when I created TLD “top level domains” as nameservers. Other than that its been a washing machine of trial and error, no quality results.

Had it propagating perfect. Until I found that I couldn’t get “Subserver” which are actually called “Sub domains” to work.

I have reset both servers and starting fresh.

I’m am just frustrated with the lack of documentation on this, All the answers are on forum posts.

If there was a way to see exactly all the different locations that relate to this procedure within webmin, a description of each, what fields are mandatory, what is based on this scenario or that scenario then this would be so simple. But to someone who is trying to migrate from one server management system to another. There is just not enough data available.

Thanks again for the effort though, its greatly appreciated

No problem.
Have you thought about purchasing the Pro version. The Issues Tracker provides much faster response and it’s direct to the issue at hand.
I am inexperienced and have learned a lot online but need some help now and then - I’m not as advanced as you but it might be a good short term investment.
I don’t want to go the cPanel route again either.
Good luck.

I have thought about it yes.

But I am not sure how much the support differs as you can also create reports and issues in the tracker without pro version and had seen reviews that say the response time is about the same regardless.

I just put two bugs into the issue tracker that I have found during my “buttload” of installs recently.

Im very particular and hate having scratch data left over. So if I dont get it right, I just do a full wipe and start over.

Im hopeing this time around I will have it dialed in. If I get it, you can bet im going to do a full right up and walkthrough for doing this :smiley:

All of the information online mostly talkes about sending your nameservers to the primary server first then to hand one off to the binded server, to me this makes no sense and it should be simple to just bind them via IP address, set everything up then point the nameservers to both of them. Problem is, I am feeling around in the dark with Virtualmin and some of the terminology threw me off in the beginning. particularly “virtual server” and “sub server”, for a second I couldnt tell that cloudmin and virtualmin where any different lol.

Then realized they where calling them virtual servers in the sense of how apache refers to domains. Since apache actually creates them as “virtual servers” ie domains and subdomains are technically the same exact thing in apache setup of a domain and subdomain.

Im sure this time around Ill have it, by the end of the last run I had 80 - 90% of the dns propagated across the globe, just 1 small issue that I couldn’t figure out and that my subdomains wouldn’t create any nameserver information. “not actually sure that they need too”.

We shall see.


Just from personal experience the support is faster. Actually it states in the support page that the pro memberships are looked at first, support forum second, which can be expected. Hope it works out on your end.

I figured it out :smiley:

Wrote a full description of the process here:

Since they have nothing like this explaining the steps for Newbs to self hosting. Hopefully that will help someone else so they dont have to read 15 different posts about it in the forums.

Good for you. Great you posted the solution too. And wow, what a post!

Ya, I wanted to make sure a newb to virtualmin like us could understand it. :smiley: