Could someone help me whittle down the packages?

I have successfully installed Virtualmin GPL on a CentOS5 VPS that I set up. I have some experience with linux but more from a web design background. So I can edit files, change permissions, follow tutorials (even if I don’t understand everything), and a few other things. This is my first foray into building a system and configuring it for webhosting.

So here is my issue. I’m on a VPS so I want to minimize my Virtualmin installation. When I go look at the list of packages that are installed for Virtualmin, Webmin, and Usermin there are 513 packages and it looks like almost all of them are installed. I really don’t think I need all of them. What I’d like to have is MySQL, PHP5, SSH, Email (roundcube, spam assassin, and clamav), fast webserver, & DNS. My question is could someone look at my installation and help me turn off all the other things I don’t need. I’d be willing to pay for an hour of someone’s time who can just clean up my installation.

Well, the majority of the packages that Virtualmin installs are in-fact required for a fully functioning Web, Email, and Database server.

There are a handful of things that some folks won’t need. Not everyone uses the Postgres database server, for instance. And not everyone uses Mailman.

I guess what I’m saying is, you may want to look at what services are running, and disable the ones you don’t require.

You can see what all is enabled at startup in Webmin -> System -> Bootup and Shutdown, and you can modify them from within there.

However, if you’d like someone to do that for you, you may wish to post a request regarding that in the “Jobs” forum.